Monday, February 17, 2014

In the Spotlight The Book Marketing Network with John Kremer

In the Spotlight this time is a new site and some wonderful new friends. The Book Marketing Network is a place where authors, publishers, and self-publishers can get together and network. I joined a few months ago and have already made some wonderfully supportive friends.

The Book Marketing Network was created by John Kremer. You know that I believe if we help each other we can succeed? Well, this is pretty much John's feelings too. is his site where he discusses marketing tips and book promotions. He's also on G+, John Kremer - Google+   John is the author of '1001 Ways to Market your Books', plus he's the webmaster of several other sites. Check out his member page here: He  has a blog and is on linked in as well. I'd guess you could find him on most of the places we all visit. I'd like to take this moment to thank John for creating The Book Marketing Network and for all the work he does for his fellow authors and publishers.

I try out many sites, most of them I drop out of as soon as I realize they don't work for me. This place is different. I love the forum topics and the friendliness of the members. Two members have quickly become close friends of mine - 4-Lan and Marilyn. 4-Lan welcomed me immediately and we found we had similar tastes in genres. He introduced me to Marilyn who is just a sweet person.

I had the opportunity to read 4-Lan's novel in progress. Well, alright, I begged him to let me read it. I don't like to give stories away that aren't published, but I'll tell you this. His book was quite the read - a whole different take on two of my favorite fantasy beings. He has the unique talent of delving deeply into descriptions, catching the reader into the story and allowing the reader to see his world so clearly.

I'd encourage you to join The Book Marketing Network and certainly friend members like John, 4-Lan, Marilyn, Joleene Naylor, Rodney Johnson, and me.

Just joining sites will do nothing for your career. Become actively involved as time allows in the sites you join.

Success comes easier when we all support each other.

LHR (love, honor, and respect) my friends.


Barbara Fisher said...

Hi Donna, I can see there is much to explore at the book marketing network. I will have to set some time aside and have a good nosy around!

So many books, so little time said...

I will share this with my book friends. Some are writers, different genres but it might be something they are interested in.


Donna Yates said...

Barbara, thank you for your comment. I know. I'm still exploring there too.

Hi Lainy. Thank you for commenting. Yes, please share the info. It might be just what someone's looking for.