Monday, April 2, 2012

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Hello everyone. I want to thank both Kelly Hashway and Joleene Naylor for gifting me blog awards. Sunshine Award - thank you so much, Kelly. If you haven't visited Kelly's blog, here is the link: Kelly's blog is always entertaining and she talks about a variety of subjects, including book reviews. My favorite is her Monday Mishmash where she lists at least 5 things she's been working on or has completed. Kelly is a published author in the Young Adult/Childrens Genre. Please check out her blog.
With the Sunshine Award, I am to answer 10 questions, select 10 people, and ask 10 questions.
1. What is my favorite color? Changes day to day, but right now it is PINK.
2. Favorite animal? Dog. I once had a Sheltie that looked like me.
3. Favorite number? Seven (most common favorite number) Won't say why.
4. Fav non-alcoholic drink Caffeine-free Diet Coke
5. Facebook or Twitter They are about the same to me
6. My passion Anything creative
7. Getting or giving presents Both!
8. Favorite pattern I like plain or flowered.
9. Favorite day of the week Right now, it's Monday because the US version of 'Being Human' is on TV.
10.Favorite flower Lilac

I will ask the same questions and I would love to pass this on to:
The Desert Rocks
PK Hrezo
Joleene Naylor
Scarlett Rains
Beth Muscat
The Life of a Novice Writer
Yesterdays Daughter
March House Books
Sharons Sunlit Memories

Thank you, Joleene, for this award. How fun. I am to go to page 77 of my current manuscript, go to line 7 and copy the next 7 lines. So, from 'Always', pg 77, line 7 on:

 Why didn’t I suggest I wanted to walk him? Why did I tell them?
Why did I choose the backyard to hit him in the head with a rock? I desperately believed they’d feel better. I murdered them as sure as I killed Hunter. At least I buried the dog. My children received no such honor. Edgar wiped his wet face. 'I made many mistakes, which cost me the lives of those I love.'

Since I just picked 10 people above, any that are writers, you're awarded this too. So start choosing your 7 lines.


If you are a member of my BlogFrog Community, Believe in Yourself PAWS, Wednesday is my Opening Event. You can click on the tab above to see what it is going to be about. I am thrilled to have PK as the guest and have asked her to talk about FLOAT and empowering our children against bullying. This will be a live chat and there will be drawing prizes. I will be giving away 2 of PK's Kindle form book - FLOAT, 2 of my crocheted necklaces, and hopefully 2 magazine subscriptions. If you're not a member and would like to join, click on the link above and join. I'll see you on Wednesday for what should be a very informative and fun event.


Many of you may remember my posts on Dodger, the puppy mill bichon frise, who adopted us. I am doing an updated article about him and puppy mills on another site. When I get it posted, I'll give you the link. Please, I beg you, please help stop these cruel abusive mills. Get your next pet from a rescue place and save the life of an animal, showing him there is kindness in the world.

 I'm Creating Again

Yes, I'm busy crafting. This time, necklaces. I am hoping by the next blogpost to have pics for you.


 I'll admit it. Like so many, I am addicted to Pinterest. If you are a Pinterest member, let's connect. As a matter of fact, on the sidebar, you can see most of the sites I belong to. Please connect with me from any of them. It seems like so many of us are one big happy family, and I'm loving it. Group hug, group hug.

Harry Potter

 As if I don't already have enough books to read, it's that time again, friends. Yep, once a year, every year, I bring out the Harry Potter series and read them again. Often I can be found in the wee hours of the morning reading in bed with my little book light. Wizarding World, here I come!

 May the days ahead bring each of you peace, happiness, love, and at least one wish granted.
 May we learn to get along with and forgive ourselves and each other of any species.
May we be kind, loving, and caring to Mother Earth and her children.
And most of all, may we all get outside in this beautiful springtime and see the miracle of the Earth as she awakens from her long winter's nap.

 LHR my friends and remember to PAWS for Success.


agman said...

"may we learn to get along with and forgive ourselves" amen! to that! great post, may you go well with your god.

Barbara said...

Dear Donna, congratulations and thank you! What a lovely award. I will answer the questions and pass the award along in the next few days.

Donna Yates said...

agman, thank you for your kind comment. I can tell, you are a gentle soul. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Barbara, thank you and of course you deserve every award there is.

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Congratulations Donna, isn't that lovely! Thank you so much for including me in your list - that is very sweet of you - Sharon.

Donna Yates said...

Thank you, Sharon, for your kind comment. You too, deserve this award.

Stephanie@The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow said...

Congratulations on the award Donna! I also enjoy Kelly's blog. I will have to check out the other one who nominated you. Fun to learn some new facts about you- we have the same favorite number. :) I am starting the HP series again in May. I read the first one with my class each year and then I reread the rest of the series. I cannot get enough of Harry and his friends. :)

Donna Yates said...

Stephanie, you are so like me, I love it. I started Book One of HP last night and still enjoy it so much. Thank you for your comment.

The Desert Rocks said...

What a lovely bunch of stuff--it kind of read like Kelly's Mishmash which I happen to love too. BTW, she awarded me the award already and I linked to her site, but since you're awarding it to me too- well I'll put your name next to hers. Thanks so much!

Donna Yates said...

Oh. Well, shows how much you're liked, The Desert Rocks.

Kelly Hashway said...

I like lilacs, too. My grandmother loved purple flowers so they make me think of her. :)

Great seven lines, too.

I just joined Pinterest. I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up with all the sites I'm on now. LOL.

Donna Yates said...

Kelly, thank you for your comment. I'm right with you on how do we keep up with all these sites? I have to admit, pinterest is one of my favs. I'm following you now.

Joleene Naylor said...

Love the seven and thanks so much for the award! :D I am getting kicked off of here (my poor Mom has been more than patient all day, LOL!) but I will do this on Tuesday /Wednesday - I have a backlog I need to post, too - yay! :D

Donna Yates said...

Joleene, thank you for commenting and you're welcome. It's great to hear from you again. Can't wait to read your latest posts.

Joleene Naylor said... :)