Sunday, January 15, 2012

If Ye Seek Ye Shall Find

Hello, my friends. I want to say I have the best blogging friends in the whole world. I love being a part of each and every one your communities. You can all sure put a smile on my face.

Guess what? I have been awarded the Liebster Blog! Not once, but twice. And by 2 of my favorite bloggers! I'm thrilled and honored. And tickled too.
The Liebster Blog Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers. Liebster is German for beloved, dearest, favorite. How very sweet and tender.

March House Books has long been a blog that I enjoy so much. Barbara is a collector of childrens books. I've talked about her so much. Here's her link. Be sure and visit her.

Sharon's Sunlit Memories is another fun blog, always full of interesting things. Give her a visit too:

Thank you both so much for this.

So now it's my turn. Since I've been awarded this twice, instead of 5 blogs, I will give links to 10 blogs.

I will start with a list of men. They don't get nominated quite as often as women do, and the men tend to be quieter than us women.

First off, I nominate my friend Roger Lawrence. Roger is from England and is a great friend to have and so kind. He is very supportive of everyone and quick to answer questions on writing. I enjoy Roger's blog because he often uses that British wit that I love and could never get the hang of. His posts are short and more like journal entries. He is a brilliant writer of YA literature, and his 'Three Hoodies' story is just too fun to read.

Next is one of my favorite authors. Mike Saxton is a brilliant Sci Fi/Action author. His antagonist is - well - scarier than anything. I could not put his book '7 Scorpions' down. I have the 2nd in the series, but my husband claimed dibs on reading it first. Mike is also a kind man and I don't think he could ever do someone wrong. It is obvious he is strongly spiritual and a wonderful supporter of us authors not yet published. He is one of my favorite online friends.

The third Liebster award I give to Mark R Hunter. Mark is a quiet man, a firefighter, a humor columnist, an author of romance novels, and a concerned individual. Mark's book 'Storm Chaser' is always getting rave reviews. I read it. Although I normally don't read romance, his book was an easy read and the characters were so believable.
Mark's blogs are short and more journal style with informative news. Mark is also a poet, as is his sweet partner, Emily.

Next up is my dear friend Graeme Smith. Grame writes the most enchanting poetry, reminiscent of Gaelic/old Irish. I love every one of his poems. He is also an author and I can't wait for his book to come out. He is a lady's man, for sure, always talking so kindly to us woman and prefacing our names with Lady. Quaint and charming.

Finally, I could never leave out a genius of Sci/fi writings, Rodney Johnson. Rodney takes Sci/Fi to a higher level, and I will tell you, you have to have some smarts to read his works. Rodney is a loyal and kind friend, who is a comrade of mine in loving Star Wars, Star Trek, well, all the great star shows.

Now for my favorite women bloggers.

I must start first with my absolute favorite author and dear friend, Joleene Naylor. Joleene's Amaranthine Series is a thrilling and amazing ride into the world of vampires. I am sure I am her biggest fan. What a fascinating and dangerous world she paints. Yet, the romantic scenes are some of the best erotica out there today. I'm not sure how many followers she has, so I'm awarding her the award anyway.
Her books can be seen on my bookrack above.

Note: if your book is no longer there, please note I am only showing my most current reads.

The second person is my friend and author Melinda Mcguire. Melinda writes in Southern romance genre, and I find her style fascinating. She is a quiet happy person and another excellent friend to have. Melinda just nominated me for a shorty! So if you want to vote for me, here is the site Now how sweet is this?!
Currently I'm reading Melinda's 'Josephine, Red Dirt and Whiskey' and am just loving it. She is just a fun, fun author. Want to see how fun? Just go to amazon, select Kindle and type in her name. Here is her blog:

Florence Fois is my next awardee. Florence hails from New York City. She is an author that I greatly respect. I love reading her stories about life in New York City. I owe Florence so very much. She was the first to ever critique and edit parts of my book. She showed me how to catch all the duplicate words I was using, among other things. She makes a great friend to have and has always been there when I needed her.

Next is a very sweet lady and friend who is a YA/middle grade writer and published author. I have never heard her say a bad word about anyone or their works. Instead, she is a strong supporter. And that's Kelly Hashway. Now Kelly's blog is close to 200, so maybe we can help her reach that goal.
Here is her blog:

and my final choice is Eve from The Desert Rocks. Eve is a writer and a poet, and she always writes uplifting pieces on her blog. Eve is a dear friend. Like Kelly, I've never heard her say a bad word about anyone. As the name implies, Eve lives in a desert area in the Southwest. She, like me, often flies above the clouds. She is indeed a beautiful person, inside and out. She has a short story published in a collection of short stories:
Here is her link: Eve, like Kelly, is close to 200 followers. Wouldn't it be great if we could put her over the limit?

Now, each of you are to award the Liebster Award to 5 people whos blogs are under 200 followers.

There were so many, many friends I wanted to nominate. To everyone whose blogs I follow, I wouldn't follow you if I didn't like what you wrote.

Please check out these links and follow if you can. And don't forget to vote for me (that cute Melinda!)

LHR, my friends. PAWS for Success.


Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Hi Donna - wonderful to see such a great upbeat post today. I just love your blog, it was one I thought of immediately when making my selection for the award.

What a brilliant idea to choose 5 men and 5 women - you are quite right that men tend to get overlooked. I'm looking forward to visiting their blogs for myself.

Glad you enjoyed the award, you deserve it - Sharon

Kelly Hashway said...

Aw, Donna, I can't even tell you how much your sweet words mean to me. Thank you so much. You've made my day. :)

Donna Yates said...

Sharon, thank you for your kind words, your compliment and for your comment on my blog. You have one of my favorite blogs, so I consider it a priviledge to know you.
Kelly, you are so sweet. You deserved this. You do some of the best reviews. Thank you for your comment, and it is a priviledge to know you too.

Roger Lawrence said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me, Donna. I appreciate it.

Donna Yates said...

Roger, you are such a fine writer and a nice friend, and it is a priviledge to know you too.

Susi said...

What a lovely blog award!!! There should be more of those, to inspire the "less popular" (whatever that means, the number of followers says nothing, really) bloggers!

Donna Yates said...

Hi Susi. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I agree. Numbers mean nothing, but it does seem a nice way to introduce your favorite blogs to others.

Miranda said...

Hi Donna! First of all, Congrats on your award!! You have the sweetest blog & I want you to know how much I love and appreciate your voice and positivity. :)

Claudine Gueh said...

Hello Donna, this is my first visit here and I'm thrilled with the links to new authors and their works! (Barbara's blog is always a fascination and Kelly's is so successful she'll hit her 200 very soon. They are both very sweet people, indeed.) Congrats on your award!

(Donna, I don't know if I'd recalled correctly, but I received a comment on one of my previous blog posts by 'DM,' but the link back to your blog didn't work and I had no idea how to reach you then. So sorry! Glad to have found you now.)

Donna Yates said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna Yates said...

Hi Miranda. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I'm glad to see we have similar tastes in blogs. Thank you for dropping by. I am honored.
Claudine, yes, I did comment on yours and I'm glad to hear from you because I wanted to follow yours and I don't think I did that. You do great review. Thank you for your comment. Thank you for your friendship!

Lena Winfrey Seder said...


This is indeed a great list of men and writers! I've already read for Mark, and look forward to reading the others. Congratulations guys! Take care Donna!

Donna Yates said...

Lena, when your blog is ready for increased followers, just let me know & I'll be happy to have you guest post, because your blog is so beautiful. Thank you for your comments.

Barbara said...

Lots of lovely new blogs to explore - thank you Donna. I'm so glad you enjoyed receiving the award. How funny that Sharon and I both thought of you. Congratulations - you are definitely worth it!

Fairday Morrow said...

Congrats to you for receiving two awards! I know I always enjoy your blog. Some of the blogs you mentioned I already follow- but I can't wait to explore the ones that are new to me. Thanks for sharing and what a wonderful way for you to start the week!


Donna Yates said...

Jess, thank you so much for your comment. You are so sweet. I truly appreciate our friendship.

fOIS In The City said...

Ah Donna, my gentle poet, thank you so very much for listing me with so many wonderful bloggers. I am proud to be your friend and always grateful for comments and the encouragement you have shown to me along the way :) Love you!!

Donna Yates said...

Florence, the same back to you, and thank you for your comment.

Sharon said...

Woot! Joleene's books are some of my favorite too! I'll fight you for Jorick! ;)

The Desert Rocks said...

Thanks Donna for the award. I love Kelly's blog and Mark's and when I read anything by Mike I walk away with something different each time. I don't know if I'll get to 200 anytime soon, but thank you so much for the kind mention too! Now I have to visit some of these other award winners!

Donna Yates said...

The Desert Rocks, you truly deserved it. I love your blog. Yes, Kelly and Mark's blogs are fun, and Mike always leaves us with something special. Thank you for your comments.

Beckvalleybooks said...

Thanks for popping over to our Weekly Book Blog Hop, hope to see you next week xx Now following you via gfc, pinterest and google+ xx

Donna Yates said...

Beck Valley Books, you are the best! I love following you and will be there next week. Thank you for the comment.