Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review Storm Chaser

'Storm Chaser' was written by Mark R Hunter. It is a romantic story about a Midwestern State Trooper and a photographer who chases storms, set in our modern times.

'Storm Chaser' is an easy-paced read. The author clearly defines the main characters and their relationship to each other and he takes a slow pace in developing their attraction to each other, giving the reader time to relate to the main characters. Mr. Hunter weaves storms throughout this romance, adding excitement and mystery into the romance. I learned quite a lot about weather from this book which I didn't expect to do.

The book begins with a storm and State Trooper Chance is following it, reporting on it when he sees a young female photographer, Allie. Allie is experienced in capturing storms through photographing them and the aftermath. As a matter of fact, she is well-known for her pictures. He mistakes her as someone much younger than she is and takes her in to the station. They are instantly drawn to one another, but one thing or another interferes with their attraction, which keeps the pace of the book at a nice read.

I enjoyed this book because of the relationship of Chance and Allie and because of learning about weather patterns. I loved Chance's mother and her ability to understand people so well. Each character in the book is a fun character to get to know.

Mark R Hunter writes casually and gives the reader a chance to absorb the important parts while enjoying the building romance. He takes us from Chance and Allie's first meeting into a book that involves other characters and their feelings and interactions with the two main characters.

This is a gentle romance read and anyone would enjoy it. It is easy to follow along and certainly well-written. You can't help but get attached to the characters. There are some surprises in the book, which made it very interesting. One thing I did notice is the author certainly has the Midwestern culture well-defined. It often gave me a chuckle, having been raised in the Midwest.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a sweet romance story, meeting characters that are unique. It is a book where the reader can't help but smile all the way through.


The Desert Rocks said...

I love romances, especially those rare ones written by men. I also love Mark's writing and enjoy the humorous posts on his blog. Hopefully, I'll be reading this book soon!

Mark R Hunter said...

Thanks, Donna!

Barbara said...

Dear Donna, the postman just delivered the lovely homemade ornament, thank you so much. It is on our Christmas tree and will be going into the keepsake box to bring out each year. Thank you also for the pretty card.

Storm chaser sounds like my idea of the perfect read – excitement and romance, it’s now on my TBR list, thank you for another excellent review.

Donna Yates said...

The Desert Rocks, Storm Chaser was a very nice read. Mark is a fun writer with a wonderful sense of humor.
Mark, you are welcome. Your book deserved the review and 5 stars.
Barbara, that was faster than I thought! Thank you. You are a sweet friend to know. I think you would really enjoy Storm Chaser.

Claudine Gueh said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate that! I don't usually read romance, but I do like the Midwestern culture ... quite a lot. So I'll put this on my to-read list, too. :)

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Donna Yates said...

Claudine, thank you for visiting my blog too and for your comment. Storm Chaser does make a good read.

Mike said...

Great review for a great book!

Donna Yates said...

Thank you, Mike, and it is a great book.