Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween and Cookie Cutter Ornaments

As I mentioned before, the autumn and winter months bring out the crafty side of me.  Today I'm going to share pics with you.  Some are from Halloween and finally, I am going to share my Cookie Cutter Ornaments - the Snowman with instructions on how to make him.
Shall we begin?
Here is the table for Halloween night with goodies on it.  I made the spider's nest hanging down from the chandeliers and the chair covers.
 A little streamer with my egg carton bats:
The candy bar:
The shrunken heads.  I think they turned out pretty good.
Our Witch's Brew made of Gingerale, Apple Cider, and Rum.  Yummm.
On to the Cookie Cutter Snowman.  This year I'm making ornaments for friends and neighbors out of felt, foam board, and beads and buttons.   I am using the cookie cutters for my patterns.  Here is my Snowman made from my round biscuit/cookie cutter with the instructions.

You will need:  white felt, red felt, small amounts of black yarn and orange yarn (optional), glue, green yarn (optional), white pompom, yarn needle, small amounts of white yarn and red yarn for sewing, bow (optional), size G crochet hook, small amounts of stuffing,and stiff ribbon.

Lay 2 pieces of white felt down together on your table.
Trace around the cookie cutter  on to white felt using a pencil.  Using french knots, make eyes, mouth and nose on one piece.  You could paint the face or use buttons instead.
Lay a small amount of stuffing on the bottom piece.  Just enough so the face will be puffy.  Pin around.
Whip stitch around.

 Choose a hat pattern you like.  I searched around online for mine.  Draw it on paper and cut out.  Place the pattern on the 2 pieces of felt and trace around.
Whip Stitch around the sides and top of hat, leaving the bottom open.  Stuff lightly.
Place the hat on the head of the snowman and tack in place.
Using yarn (I used Sugar & Cream in variagated green) and size G hook, make a chain that will go around the hat tightly.  SC in 2nd chain from hook and across.  End off with a length to sew.  Place piece around the head and hat and tack in place.  If you don't know how to crochet or want something simpler, you can use fur or felt or even leave enough on the bottom of the hat to turn up.
Using a glue spot and pompom, attach the pompom to the hat.  Attach the bow to the bottom of the snowman's face.  I bought these bows at the dollar store.  The bow is optional.  I just thought it looked better with the bow.
Cut a piece of stiff ribbon to the size you want for hanging on the tree.
Here are some other pieces I've already cut to make into ornaments from other cookie cutters.
The gingerbread man I plan to use a zigzag stitch around the edges and puffy paint on the face.  The star I will whip stitch and add glitter.  The tree will be machine stitched.  I have gold star beads for the top.  The heart is done.  I sewed a small button on the front, stuffed lightly, whip stitched around, and put a stiff ribbon on top. 

Thanks for dropping by and checking out my crafty side.


The Desert Rocks said...

I like crafts too and might I suggest using small pinking shears when you cut out the ornaments. Very cute Donna. I especially love the heart!

Beth said...

This year, most everyone is getting a homemade gift...whether it's my book or a handmade whatever, and in some cases, both...everyone is getting something handmade by someone. I do this a lot of years, to save money etc. Some people appreciate them, other's don't...I always appreciate homemade gifts!

DM said...

The Desert Rocks, small pinking shears is a good idea. Thank you for the suggestion.
Beth, I know you are crafty too. I bet you're coming up with some fun gifts, and who wouldn't want a book of yours? Thank you for your comment.

mglawler said...

Cute ornaments!

Thanks for the follow. I am following you back.

aquariann said...

Great crafts! The Witch's Brew sounds tasty.

Btw, I'm a new follower from Weekend Warrior and hope you'll join my Autumn Blog Hop, too.

Eliza Kay said...

Hi I'm a new GFC follower via Weekend Warrior Blog Hop. Would love it if you come and check out my blog!

DM said...

mglawler, thanks for the comment and the follow.
aquariann, I will do the blog hop and follow. Thanks for your comment.
Thanks, Eliza, I will take a look.

William Kendall said...

Good post, Donna!

My mom did a lot of this sort of crafts years ago. These days she's still at it, though not quite as much!

Is that a jello hand in the witches brew?

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

What are your shrunken heads made out of? They are most intruiging.

DM Yates said...

William, thank you for commenting. It is a plastic glove filled with green food coloring and water that was frozen. Jello is a great idea! Didn't think of that. I am sorry your mother doesn't craft as much, but I understand. The older you get and children grown up, the less crafting.

Sharon's Sunlit Memories, thank you for your comment. They are smaller size apples dried like when you make witch's apple head. I used markers to enhance the mouths, cheeks and eyes, and glued tufts of stuffing for hair.

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Thanks for answering so quickly. Such an effective idea - I would never have thought of that.

Thanks also for following my blog and leaving the comment - Sharon.

DM said...

You're welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

Christina Williams said...

Aw, that all looks so great! I love the Christmas ornaments. I'm dying to get started on mine this year. If you want to make a separate post just for The Blog Entourage, I'd love to share the christmas ornament tutorial. But if you don't have time, I'll at least link to this in a round-up post featuring bloggers in the directory.:)

DM said...

Christina, thank you for your comment, and I would love to do a separate one for The Blog Entourage.

Elizabeth Maginnis said...

Your chair covers are adorable!

DM said...

Thank you, Elizabeth and thank you for commenting.

Pk Hrezo said...

THose are so cute! I'll have to get the kids to make some like that. Hope you had a fantastic Halloween! I'm ready to decorate for Xmas already!!! :)

DM said...

I'm with you, PK. I can't wait to put up Christmas. Thank you for your comment.