Friday, August 5, 2011

Spotlight on Rodney C Johnson

     My first Spotlight victim is Rodney C. Johnson, an author and a friend.  I met Rodney at and have been quite impressed with his work.  I think more writers/readers should know about him.
     Rodney is a very intelligent person.  You’ll see that as you continue to read about this extraordinary author.  He is a poet (who doesn’t like poets?), an artist, a writer (of Science Fiction),and an avid reader – usually Sci-Fi, but he’ll read any book where the author makes his/her works come to life.  He calls himself a ‘Foodie’ because he loves all sorts of food – the stranger the better.  He has two dogs and also loves cats.  Right here, I give him 10 stars minus one for loving cats.  I’m kidding!  This guy is 10-star material.
     Now, there are lots of Sci-Fi writers out there, so many new ones not worth a penny in my opinion.  Why did I spotlight his work?  Here is Rodney’s own words about his writing style:
     “I write pulp, without apology, where the heroes are larger than life, and the heroines are always stunningly gorgeous.  While at the same time I seek to transcend that very same pulp-ish inclination with philosophical and metaphysical journeys meant to bring your mind to the edge of an abyss.  This is fairly typical of those who play in my genre.”
See?  Genius, ain’t he? I love being on the edge of an abyss in a good book.  I would have included his drawings of his heroines, but the men would quit reading and go into a stupor.  Just remember, gals.  These women aren’t real.
     Everyone is looking for a new take in the genres.  That’s what’s selling.  What makes Rodney’s stories different?  Here’s Rodney’s words again:
     “I wanted to boldly and bluntly be sexual and violent in the parts that called for it to be sexual and violent and went out of my way to NOT censor myself.  I always say, go for the jugular.”
     He uses many female characters in his works.  He has us down pretty good, ladies.  But this makes his works even more interesting.
     Writers have those second doubts.  And third.  And fourth, and…  It takes a strong writer to write bluntly and forge ahead with his goals.  Rodney is doing that.
STOP!  Alright, everyone, no fair looking down for parts of his stories.  Anyway, you’ll have to go to his websites to view them.  They are very good.  I love his writing.
Why Science Fiction?  Rodney was influenced by ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Dune’.  Classics of Sci-Fi.  When you go to his blog, you will see his bookshelf and recognize many of the books.  The guy’s got great taste in reading, if you ask me.
     Rodney is writing ‘The Falcanion Legacy Series.’  I love reading series, so no wonder I was drawn to his works. 
     Let’s have a description of this Falco Invictus (latin for The Unconquered Falcon):
     Falcanian  (Falco Ornis-Sapien)  Bio-mechanical, winged-hybrid created using genetic manipulation and cybernetics.
     I love it!  Well-thought out and original!
     And guess what, people?  He’s one of us!  Yes!  Rodney has chosen and Scribd for his works.  He will not be going through the traditional publishing channels.  The main reason is the same many of us want:  “I enjoy maintaining creative control and copyright over my work.” He stated.  He also feels traditional publishing needs to change.  We’re with you on that one, Rodney.
     What’s that?  You want to read some of his passages?  You’ll have to go to his websites (be sure to click ‘follow’ on his blog).
blog:  This is where you’ll find his artwork too.
He has two facebook pages.  Be sure to click ‘like’ and ‘recommend’.
Drop him a note on one or all of these.  We writers need encouragement.
You can see a preview of his upcoming ‘Falco Invictus on the Forge of War’novella at:

     Rodney’s Chapbook of Poetry is available at for only $2.55:

     Rodney has given me permission to post one of his poems:
Rodney C. Johnson
Rising Sun,
Darkness to light,
Behold the dawn star-fire so bright.
Fire of hope and love rekindled in the heart.
Star-fire burns on the horizon so bright.
In my core burns this chaos star,
From star-fire I take my power.
Like a watchtower in the night rising sun
star of hope.
Over the horizon so bright, behold the
Darkness to light, rising sun, star of hope
rekindled in the heart.
Beautiful!  I read all the poems in this collection and they are magnificent.  I will cherish this chapbook.   His writing truly holds nothing back.
Rodney, thank you for letting me spotlight you.  You are truly an author that will be well-known in the near future.
I invite you, Rodney, to join our WMD group on Facebook.  I think you already belong on Shelfari.
Friends, I think you will enjoy getting to know this creative genius.  You’ll enjoy what you read.

For you, Rodney and my cat lover friends:

And let's not forget those cute kitties:

Now, this is my idea of a sweet kitty:



April Morone said...

Good blog post about Rodney. :) I love Sci-Fi, and his Sci-Fi books sound wonderful. :) I can't wait to read them, too, if I can. :)

DM said...

April, for the Poetry lovers like us, you would be quite impressed with his chapbook. He is quite the Sci Fi writer too. You'll like all his works.

Mike said...

I will be checking Rodney out. I love Sci-Fi!

Lena Winfrey Seder said...


Nice interview and nice guest! I'll definitely check him out. I also love Sci-Fi!

DM said...

Thank you, Lena and Mike. You will enjoy his writing.

Rodney C. Johnson said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for Data's cat Spot :)
I've also joined the Facebook group.
Good to meet you all!


DM said...

Rodney, thank you for choosing to write! Glad you joined the group. You'll be a great addition. Data finding his cat is one of my fav Sci Fi moments - an android showing emotion.

The Desert Rocks said...

Those cat pictures are too cute and I'm not even a cat person!

Dora Dee said...

Donna I like what you did with your website! This is the first time I've seen it in a long time. For some reason I haven't been able to view it with my Blackberry (I'm now on my notebook). I'm hoping to move on to a "smarter" phone which will be more internet-friendly and allow me to visit this page more often.

Talk soon.

DM said...

The Desert Rocks: I'm not a cat person either, but those were too cute to resist.

Dora Dee, thank you for visiting. I've missed hearing from you. I hope you will visit more often.

Norma Beishir said...

I like sci-fi, too. I'll check this one out!

DM said...

He's a good writer, Norma.