Sunday, May 22, 2011

Announcing: Luminous Luminary Laurel & my First Nomination

I have been remiss in my duties as a friend and fellow author/poet.  Typical for my Cancer personality, I stay nice and cozy in my shell, until one day the light shines through and wallops me a good one.

I am correcting that faux pas today.  I have met so many talented authors and poets.  Yet they are rarely mentioned here, in my blog.  So I announce my very own award program:  The Luminous Luminary Laurel.  (You are welcome to use this award too if you wish).

If you notice, I have two new links to the right.

This highly coveted award today goes to a multi-talented author, William Kendall.  William receives this award (my very first one given) because of his many abilities.  William develops great characters, my favorite one being a genius of a detective, Lars Ulrich who is plagued by stupid reporters.  William has done an ongoing segment of The Muppets which is extremely funny.  Did I mention this author has a great sense of humor, and it shows up in his writings.  His blog today is full of pictures he took of Tulips from the Tulip Festival in Ottowa.  Very colorful photos.

William is talented in editing.  He has just announced his services to anyone wishing to publish an e-book.  He has edited parts of my 'Always' and I have been thrilled with the results.  The best part is he recommends changes in the nicest way.  He is skilled in our grammar, I'll tell you that.  If you are looking to publish, I highly recommend William's services.  His prices are reasonable, compared to some other editors whose prices are beyond aspiring authors' pocket money.  Write him at WD or see his ad on the home page of Writers Digest.  By the way, be careful of choosing unknown editors.  I've heard many stories of writers whose money was gladly taken, and no or shabby editing done.   I have seen William's work and he is well-worth his price.

William's blogs are always fun.  I encourage you to take a look at 'Speak of the Devil'.  He does another blog with his partner, Norma Beishir.  Norma's turn to be awarded this special Laurel is coming soon.  She shines above so many.  William and Norma write tastefully entrancing Erotica.  I normally will not read in this category, but theirs is so well-written.  Take a look at Basking in the Afterglow.  Please be aware, this is adult content.  It was in tribute to them that I wrote my Geraldina story 'What is the World Coming To.'  They are two of the most supportive and talented friends anyone could have.

So, (drum roll please), William Kendall, I offer to you my first ever 'Luminous Luminary Laurel.'  Wear it with pride.  Um, perhaps refrigerate overnight to keep it fresh.

Seriously, friends, contact him about editing your works.  You won't be disappointed.

I will be issuing these stunning Laurels all this week.

Congratulations, William, you lucky person.



William Kendall said...

Donna, thank you very kindly! And I look forward to your next selections!

Beth said...

That was very sweet you Donna. Such a good friend you are. And, as I've said to you in emails, you are a good friend, and one that should be treasured.

DM said...

William, you deserved it!

Beth, you too are a treasured friend.

The Desert Rocks said...

Only a person like you Donna can capture the dynamic talent obviously emanating from William.
The ability to make people laugh trumps almost every other skill as far as I'm concerned.
Good job, William.

DM said...

Thank you. That's quite a compliment, since he has so many talents.

Mark R Hunter said...

I'll bet that leaves you glowing, William!

Norma Beishir said...

He most definitely deserves it, Donna. He's going to be very successful in the near future. And he's the kind of person who deserves it.

But then, so do you! A big hug to you, lady.

Christina Lucas said...

Much deserved. And agreed, he is amazing at character development and of course humour. And I don't read erotica either, but the way he and Norma write it...I love it!

DM said...

I so agree with both of you, Norma and Christina. We should have more men like him, of all ages!

Mike said...

Perfect choice!