Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am so excited about my first finished novel that I wanted to talk a little about it.  ALWAYS is a tender novel that is set in modern days.  In this book, we follow the lives of two individuals - Simon and April - who have loved each other always.  Set mainly in England, this is the story of life - its ups and downs, its happy times and sad times, birth and death.  It is about Simon facing a changing world and having to decide on continuing with his beliefs, or accepting that there are other possibilities to life and beyond.

When I finished this novel, I was inspired to write a poem.  Keep in mind some of my poems are short and some are longer.  This is a longer poem so if you click the Poems button you will be able to read it.  It is titled 'I am With You Always.'

I will soon be sending my query to an agent.  I can only hope this book will be published, because it is a sweet tale of life and love, and a tale of how people can and do influence other lives.

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