Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Hoodies Save The World: Didn't want to do it, but...

Three Hoodies Save The World: Didn't want to do it, but...: Given my recent sales of this particular book, or lack thereof, I’ve made Three Hoodies Save the world free on Smashwords. Hopefully i...

Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin NV

Again, I must start by apologizing for not being around much. It seems my CFIDs continues to taunt me even through the summer which is most unusual.

I have written about my husband and my short trip earlier this year. Our destination was Fort Mohave, Arizona - a very small but pleasant town close to Laughlin NV. When we arrived, we stayed at the Avi Resort and Casino and it was a most pleasant stay. Although the bed wasn't as comfortable as the Holiday Inn one, nontheless the room was clean and quiet. I'd read complaints that the rooms smelled of tobacco smoke from the casino, we didn't find this to be the case.

The rooms don't come with refrigerators so if you need one be sure to ask when you make your reservation. We did a package deal and I'd recommend that if you plan on visiting.

Every worker was polite, friendly and helpful considering how busy this place is. The Avi Resort and Casino is owned by the Mohave Tribe of Native Americans comprising about 1100 members.

There's a private beach along the Colorado River with an eatery. You can see it in the picture above. Sadly, the weather wasn't quite warm enough to use it. They also have a pool:

Inside the casino there are expensive restaurants, a cafe, and a food court so you don't have to go out for meals. We preferred the cafe because the meals were simple, delicious, and not too much or too little. We also used the food court where we found Subway, Panda Express, Sbarro and a Thrifty Ice Cream which also serves hot dogs and coffee. There's also a hair and nail salon.

They offer entertainment, from well-known entertainers to not so well known. There's golf and even a KOA campground.

We enjoyed our stay and I would love to go back again sometime. I'm ending with pictures of desert plants found along the resort.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope sometime you'll get the opportunity to visit the desert southwest and stay at the Avi.

LHR my friends. Believe in yourself. Those that do accomplish much.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Welcome to my review of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Before I get in to the review, I wanted to update you on some changes.

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Both blogspot and wordpress blogs will now be whatever is on my mind, still with the concept of believing in oneself.

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More changes are coming. I realized this winter that I started into groups and roaming the internet to help me publish my books and that is still my main goal, so I'm sure many of you have seen the delays in my posts and comments to your blogs or haven't seen me in groups much.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen


For quite awhile my husband and I have been watching ads about this restaurant but Utah didn't have one in the state. Then news came that Popeyes was coming to Utah.

While on our vacation we stayed overnight in Mesquite NV and I didn't feel well enough to go to a restaurant. We'd noticed a Popeyes in the plaza next to the hotel and so we went there.

I feel in love with their food and their service. Popeyes serves fried chicken, chicken tenders or seafood with a side - coleslaw, mashed potatoes, beans and rice, green beans, or fries, dipping sauce and a biscuit with a soda. They also offer desserts: cinnamon apple pie, pecan pie or mardi gras cheesecake.

I got the chicken tenders and fries and my husband opted for fish and coleslaw. Both meals were filling and delicious.

When the Popeyes opened near to us, we gave it a try. I'll tell you, that customer line went outside the restaurant and I was willing to wait along with everyone else.

When we got to the soda machine - I'd never seen anything like it. Every kind of soda in every flavor. I was happy. Due to my health I can't have caffeine and sugar must be very limited. Rarely does anyplace serve caffeine free diet soda, but Popeyes does - in many flavors!
As you can see from the picture, there are many selections, but it doesn't stop there. You push the selection you want and up comes another screen with every type and flavor within your selection. I love it!

If you haven't tried a Popeyes, you absolutely must!

Was there anything I didn't like? Yes. Sadly, they do use minimal amounts of msg. For that reason, I can't rate them a 5 star as you'll see on Yelp, and since I'm highly sensitive to Monosodium Glutamate, we can't eat there very often.

Still, I give them a 4 star for their service, variety of food, tasty foods, and that wonderful soda machine.

Popeyes started in the 1970s by Alvin C. Copeland Sr. He took a chance on his idea and look where Popeyes is today. Believe in yourself and follow your dream. He did and by doing so he served his community, and many of us are eating that great food and enjoying it.