Sunday, September 28, 2014

There's a Dog on the Dining Room Table

I must say, I'm very excited for my dear friend, Elizabeth Maginnis. She has just published her first children's book and it's a wonderful story.

Isn't that a cute cover? You can click on the above picture to see the book on
It's available in either Kindle e-book for $4.79 or paperback for $9.49.

I don't do reviews on this site anymore but you can find my review of this fun story on my weebly blog:  However, Elizabeth is a dear friend and very supportive of my works so I just had to congratulate her on this blog for her great achievement.

Now is the time to start thinking of the holidays. This would certainly make a fun gift for any child. Pick one up for every young child on your list.

It takes a lot of inner strength to be brave enough to publish your works. Elizabeth believed in herself. She's an author, poet, editor and now she's a published author with an adorable book out. Believe in yourself and dream above the clouds. It's obvious that Elizabeth does.

Go to amazon and take check out this book today.

LHR, my dear friends.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Asian City in West Jordan Utah

The title of this post might make you think that there is an Asian shopping area and/or restaurants in West Jordan similar to other cities such as San Francisco's China Town.

Well, there might be but what I'm talking about is the name of a store - Asian City. We discovered this emporium while searching for bonsai trees and the instant we walked in, we loved the place.

Located on the corner of Redwood Rd and 90th South, it is in the building that used to be an Albertsons Grocery Store and has been opened for 3 years.

If you like Asian items and great prices, you've got to visit. That is, if you live in West Jordan or Salt Lake County. They sell so many different items: dresses, shoes, scarves, jewelry, cosmetics, restaurant supplies, swords, statues, bamboo plants, bonsais, kitchenware, cookware, tea sets, sake sets, items for the home, Feng Shui, Hello Kitty, chopsticks, Chinese New Year supplies, Tibetan prayer beads and so much more.

We wandered up and down the aisles looking at all their fun products. Chopsticks - there was such a variety of beautifully designed chopsticks and even disposable. They also had training chopsticks for young children with cute animals that held the chopsticks together.

There was an assortment of Kwan Yin and Buddha statues along with others in all sizes.

Take a look at their website: Asian City  I know one thing. We'll be back many times for goodies we couldn't afford on this trip.

For those of you that are far away from this marvelous store, I hope you have one like this near you.

To run a store takes a lot of hard work and belief that you can make it a success. Obviously the owners of Asian City believe in their abilities and what a joy it is to have this store nearby.

Believe in yourself and dream above the clouds. You never know what you'll achieve.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

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