Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Interview With Author Roger Lawrence

As I mentioned in my last blog, Roger Lawrence has published what I think is his most brilliant horror story yet.
Libro Agonia (Book of Pain) is available where most e-books are sold for only $2.30.

I asked Roger to answer a few questions, so here is my interview with this extraodinary author:

Did you always want to be a writer?

Not until I was about twenty, by which time I’d read thousands of books and suddenly decided “Hey I’d like to do that and earn millions.” The reality soon set in but the love stayed. My first three novels were absolute trash, filled with passive voices and cliques but I was thrilled that I had actually written something. My next task was to learn how to do it properly. I don’t think that job will ever end.

What inspired you to write the book?
The story has been floating around in the murky depths of my mind for years. The only problem was that it had two potential endings. In fact I did write both and sat on them for months before deciding which was the better – or at least more acceptable.
How long did it take you to write it?
Most first drafts take about three months before I actually being editing them into something readable. This was a long one, for me, at 150k words so that took almost six months. Then with the editing and decision as to which ending I would use, the whole thing took nearly two years.
Of all of his experiences, which is your favorite?
Curiously, and possibly an indication of my utter weirdness, his friendship with the horse was my favourite. The animal’s character was identical of that of a horse I used to ride as a child. He was very much in charge and would always let me know if I ever got above myself – usually with a well placed hoof, and being nearly nineteen hands, he was no lightweight.
Will you write another one similar to this?
Similar perhaps, but not identical. I wrote another series of monster books of which there as only to be one. A number of people asked for more and I managed to eke it into three. Book of Pain can only be a one as I wrapped it all neatly up at the end – probably.
This novel is unique because of the subject matter and is a true horror story, yet it's much more that. What's the blurb?
There was a lot to go through so I settled upon this.
    After being cursed to live forever, Tom Fletcher thinks that's as bad as it could get until he discovers that eternity will be spent in unspeakable agony. Unable to sleep or eat, and that madness is denied him, he truly begins to understand the meaning of hopelessness.
   Two hundred years of mind numbing pain later he discovers a means to escape the punishment. He must wait another century before that opportunity arrives, but has his mind become so warped by pain and misery that he could ever commit the awful crime required to free himself?
What are you working on now?
Currently I’m writing the third in two other series’ of novels, Old Geezers 3, and Kongomato 3, SF and horror respectively.
Is horror your favorite genre?
I love writing in most genres; SF being a firm favourite but I must admit to a sneaking love of horror. I can do all the things a normal human being could never conceive – without actually breaking the law.
Do you build monsters and horrors stories in your mind, working to develop them around the clock or do they suddenly just appear?

Worryingly, they just appear. My wife of thirty years has long been convinced of my sickness and often suggests that I seek help.

You have a sense of humor written in all your books. If we were to meet you in person, would you still have that sense of humor, or are you essentially a shy person?
At first I would be very quiet but given free rein I always succumb to the need to make silly jokes. With writing I can hone that but not be there when I inevitably gross people out.
Where can you be found on the internet?

My daily blog and all my books can be found on : http://threehoodies.blogspot.co.uk/

Roger is definitely an author worth reading. He is quite talented and his books are so interesting and intriguing that they are hard to set down.

Hope you enjoyed the interview. Please be sure to check out his blog and follow him.

LHR my friends

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Libro Agonia The Book of Pain by Author Roger Lawrence

If you type 'describe pain' in your address bar, you may see this:
noun: pain; plural noun: pains
  1. 1.
    physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.
    "she's in great pain"
    synonyms:suffering, agony, torture, torment, discomfort More
    "she endured great pain"
    ache, aching, soreness, throb, throbbing, sting, stinging, twinge, shooting pain, stab, pang, cramps;
    "a pain in the stomach"
  2. 2.
    careful effort; great care or trouble.
    "she took pains to see that everyone ate well"
    synonyms:care, effort, bother, trouble
    "he took great pains to hide his feelings"
verb: pain; 3rd person present: pains; past tense: pained; past participle: pained; gerund or present participle: paining
cause mental or physical pain to.
"it pains me to say this"
synonyms:hurt, cause pain, be painful, be sore, be tender, ache, throb, sting, twinge, cause discomfort

Blurb: After being cursed to live forever, Tom Fletcher thinks that's as bad as it could get. When he discovers that he will spend eternity in unspeakable agony, never to sleep or eat, and that madness is denied him, he truly begins to understand the meaning of hopelessness.
After two hundred years of mind numbing pain he discovers that there is a way for him to escape the punishment. That opportunity arrives another century later. But has his mind been so warped by pain and misery that he could ever commit the awful crime required to free himself?

The Book of Pain follows one man's life through many adventures, including discovering a secret evil organization and a book, Libro Agonia. The main character Tom Fletcher is burdened by pain. Now you might ask what kind of pain?

Every description above. And he is cursed to live forever. Will he eventually overcome the curse? You'll have to read the book to find out.

Roger Lawrence is a genius of the macabre and he doesn't disappoint us one bit with this novel. The Book of Pain is unique in its subject matter and sure to please anyone who thrills in reading horror. I've read all of Mr. Lawrence's works and I believe this to be his greatest work.

The Book of Pain is available from Amazon for only $2.30 You can click on the above picture to purchase it there.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome The Enemy Within

Last year was a tough year for me healthwise. I fell behind in all my goals, didn't publish any books, and often had to rest. I had hoped the New Year would bring a better year for me. I struggled up until November when I finally began to feel better and threw myself into several projects and worked at catching up and commenting on blogs.

The culprit was Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, known as CFIDS. When people hear this, they think I'm just tired and they'll often give me advice: get up and exercise. Run a couple of miles. Get the doctor to give you something for depression. You have too much yeast in your system, so do a cleansing. They don't understand that this illness is far worse than a little tiredness. I think of it as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Just try and wake me.

After my burst of energy in Nov and Dec, a family problem arose which set me back again. Then there was the saying good-bye to my favorite laptop and transferring all my files to a new one, plus getting accustomed to Windows 8 (don't like it at all). Still, our holidays were pleasant and I had high hopes for the New Year.

Not long after the New Year, my husband caught a cold. He worried that I would get it. You see, with CFIDs, the immune system is, well, wacky. I told him not to worry because I knew that I would get it, and sure enough, I caught the cold. So did my son.

My husband's cold went away after a week and a half although the cough lingered for a few days. My son's cold stayed a week and left.

Four weeks later, I wasn't any better and the cough was the same, plus I could tell that I now had a sinus infection. That wacky immune system at work. I ended up at the doctor's office. Yes, he said, I had a bad sinus infection, but he was more worried that my cough hadn't left.

Antibiotics and a prescription cough medicine for me. The antibiotics were difficult on my system, the cough medicine made me quite ill. Still, I took the medicines faithfully as I was told to. Now, with a triple whammy for my immune system, I was in bed most of the day and sleeping constantly, and certainly I was on the BRAT diet. The cough eventually settled down, the anti-biotics took 9 days before the sinus infection quit bothering me.

Five weeks later, I'm still suffering from the fatigue - exhaustion really and still having to rest most of the day, every day.

Why don't I fight the tiredness, you ask? Well, it's one of those 'you have to walk in my shoes to understand.'

Don't think that when I first got this chronic illness, I didn't fight it. I sure did, but in time I learned that the more I fought against the fatigue and all the other symptoms, the sicker I became and the longer the bedrest.

I got this 'enemy within' in 1989. I overheard my husband tell a friend, "I thought she was going to die. Her skin was grey, she could hardly move, and all she did was sleep."

I learned to live with it and my family learned to live with my ups and downs. For 10 years I was quite ill. Finally, I began to feel better. Eventually, I went back to work and for the next 10 years I worked full-time with few bouts of ill health, but then my enemy re-activated and struck with a vengeance worse than when I first got it.

I had heard that CFIDs could go into remission and could come back, and it surely did. Not only do I have this misunderstood illness, but I also have Epstein Barr too. Sadly, they play off one another so sometimes I'm down with both.

I've begun to feel better again, and now I'm back to playing catch-up, but I have to do this slowly and I have to eat right and I have to exercise gently and still remember to rest everyday. Stress is a trigger too, so I have to avoid stress. Meditation helps with that.

It's like one man told me years ago, "With this illness you have to recharge your battery every so often." And so I do.

Still, I know I have a good life. Yes, CFIDs causes a myriad of other illnesses and my immune system doesn't work right (I have too many anti-bodies running around wondering what they're supposed to do). Yet, this illness won't take my life, and if there's one thing it's given me, it's sympathy towards others and their illnesses whether physical or mental.

So, my friends, whenever you don't see me for awhile or I haven't been active in a group or I haven't written a blog or commented on one, just understand that I'm recharging my battery and one day I'll be back running just fine.

And this is why I self-publish. I never know when I'll be down or for how long.

LHR, my friends.